CA Pro Ski Carbide Runners

CA Pro Ski Carbide Runners

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  • Carbide Recommendation/Comparison chart from C&A Pro Skis: What is the difference between a “Shaper” Bar and a Round Carbide? The Shaper Bar has a square profile and is the choice for the more aggressive rider. The Round Carbide is recommended for the casual rider where ease in steering is preferred. If you ride Flat-lander: Short track without studs: use 4”-6” carbide Short track with studs: use 6” + carbide Long track without studs: use 4”-8” carbide Long track with studs: use 8”+ carbide If you ride Mountain/powder: We recommend a minimal carbide, 4” - 6” will be sufficient.

    *** To be used with C&A Pro Skis only ***