CA Pro Skis MTX Mountain Extreme Highmark Edition

CA Pro Skis MTX Mountain Extreme Highmark Edition

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  • Description
  • C&A PRO skis feature 90 degrees edges throughout the running surfaces of the ski including the keel. The unique edge design produces extreme penetration in cornering with zero lift, provides maximum aggressive control for the racer and greatly reduces darting on the trails for recreational riders. The X EDGE design diverts snow away from the front, keeping snow spray away from the rider improving visibility.

    MOUNTAIN EXTREME snowmobile skis are designed for top performance in deep powder conditions that demand maximum flotation and agile steering. The additional width provides an extended surface to provide the front end lift needed in powder to reduce drag on components under the sled.

    Additional features for this ski include:
    • 8” wide profile
    • Adjustable, flexible tip
    • X EDGE 900 design with rounded outer ribs • ISR approved handle
    • Total ski weight is 6.8 lbs. (including handle)

    Includes one pair of skis with handles (black).

    HIGHMARK LIMITED EDITION SKIS - White MTX skis with white handles and custom Highmark
    decals on each ski.

    Requires Mounting Kit sold separately. Carbide runners sold separately.