Camoplast Sno-X Racing Track

Camoplast Sno-X Racing Track

Price: $856.00

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  • Camoplast Sno-X Racing Track

    The winning tradition continues with Camoplast’s latest generation of racing tracks for snocross, hillcross, grass/ice drags, ice ovals and ice lemans • Designed for one purpose: to win • Each track delivers ultimate performance for its intended use
    Snocross and hillcross tracks provide the best combination of straight-line traction, corner-carving side grip and remarkable braking capabilities.

    Racer-proven traction for soft, deep snow.  Long, wide paddles bite "big" to allow confident back-country exploration away from maintained trails.

    Features: Fully clipped; hard rubber compound outside.

    NOTE: When installing track with taller lug, check clearance between bulkhead and tunnel.

    *Price varies with track size