Power Commander Fuel Controller (FC)

Power Commander Fuel Controller (FC)

Price: $369.99

  • Description
  • The Power Commander FC is a new plug-n-play fuel management device pre-programmed with Make/ Model specific maps. In addition the Power Commander FC has the added ability to modify or change these maps on the fly without a computer.


    PCFC Features

    • Uses OEM style connectors and high quality wiring harnesses
    • Small, lightweight and easy-to-fit on the bike
    • Pre-programmed with PCFC Power Maps specific to make, model
    • No computer necessary for modifying fuel management
    • Fully adjustable computer compatibility for ultimate tuning and personalization
    • Software is compatible with Power Commander, so you can download Power Commander maps to the PCFC
    • Integrated O2 Optimizer where Applicable
    • +250 / -100 fuel change. Enough adjustment to cover almost all modifications
    • Enhanced “accel pump” utility (increased adjustment and sensitivity ranges). When you need to adjust your fuel curve for quick throttle inputs.