Rox Height Adjustable Riser

Rox Height Adjustable Riser

Price: $139.95

  • Description
  • Rox new Height Adjustable Snowmobile Risers allow you to adjust your handlebar height easily on the trail, or in the back country. Increase your comfort by customizing your sled and it's feel to you. Embrace the ever changing conditions.

    Increase your comfort and reduce back strain with these adjustable snowmobile handlebar risers. By moving your handlebars up and into a more natural and comforatble position you will enjoy wintertime more, and look forward to being on your sled with greater frequency.

    We now offer wrenchless height adjustable snowmobile bar risers. These risers can be adjusted on the trail in moments without the use of wrenches or other tools. You don't even need to remove your gloves. Whether a slight change in position of your handlebars will increase your comfort for the remainder of the day, or you're going to change riders, the ability to increase or decreae the height of your handlebars in moments will imcrease your enjoyment of riding your sled.

    • Rox H.A. Risers also take the guess work out of deciding which size to buy, now you can choose the range of adjustment or height you want; 4"to 5.5" or 6"to 8.25".
    • H.A. Risers give you the option of fitting one sled to multiple riders in minutes.
    • Designed to replace OEM pivoting riser blocks or can be mounted to standard handlebar clamps with optional adaptor tube when used with straight handlebars.
    • CNC machined from billet 6061 T6 aluminum and clear anodized.