Skinz Snowmobile Cover

Skinz Snowmobile Cover

Price: $449.95

  • Description
  • What is the benefit to this cover?
    Skinz: "This cover is a stretch to fit waterproof cover. It is unlike any in the industry. It will stretch to fit a snowmobile no matter what is added to or taken off from your sled so you don't have to purchase a new cover every year."

    You say it is it entirely waterproof?
    Skinz:"It is entirely waterproof except for a panel just behind the windshield and over the seat. This allows for air to flow through the cover when trailering."

    Will it really keep my sled dry and clean?
    Skinz:"It is amazing to see the difference. Anyone who has taken their sleds on a trailer through slush and salt knows what a mess it can be. It gets in every crack and crevice there is. With the see that they are clean and dry and you are entirely convinced that this cover is worth it."

    But what about the slush and dirt on your cover?
    Skinz:"Easy. Throw it in the wash on gentle cycle and air dry (or low heat/gentle cycle) and your cover will be good to go for the next trip."

    Is the cover easy to install?
    Skinz:"If you haven't ever used the cover before it is a little different the first time you put it on. For one...since it is a stretch need to stretch it to fit your sled. Sometimes it takes a little working it over the bars and bumper to get it on. Once it is stretched it will settle in to fit.

    How tight is tight?
    Skinz:"Tight. Tighter than you think. There are instructions included with the cover and it's not's just a different concept that people have to get used to. We hear all of the time people say that it is the best cover they have ever used.

    What size would I need?
    Skinz:"Basically it goes by short track and long track. There are only two sizes (remember it is a stretch to fit cover.) There is the Standard and the XL