SOS F1-ND Avalanche Beacon

SOS F1-ND Avalanche Beacon

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  • The SOS F1-ND now has seven volume ranges instead of five, giving it the best audio signal of any analog beacon on the market. Changes in volume make it simple to determine how accurately you are aligned with the flux line and help you sense your proximity to a buried victim.

    SOS has also increased the number of magnitude LED's from three to seven, which gives it a clearer visual signal when searching.

    The F1-ND's LED's begin indicating a signal long before any other beacon gives any visual clues. This gives the F1-ND a greater "usable" range than other beacon when audio signals are very weak. The combination of superior audio and visual signals make staying lined up with the flux line easier than with any other analog beacon
    SOS F1-ND

    Avalanche Beacon

    • 90 meter range
    • 7 different scale ranges
    • Built in safety checks
    • Audible signal in receive
    • Lightweight