Techlusion Fuel Injection (TFi) Control Box

Techlusion Fuel Injection (TFi) Control Box

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  • The Techlusion Fuel Injection (TFi) control box is a new standard in fuel injection adjustment.    This system is different in it’s method of adjustment by dealing directly with the fuel injection signal after it leaves the stock ECU. It adjusts your fuel require- ments without tricking sensors or modifying the factory settings (which would limit the ECU’s effectiveness at compensating for changing altitude or weather conditions).
    3 adjustments available:
    Cruise/Acceleration: The low speed adjuster (Green adjustment Screw). As the motorcycle accelerates under light to medium load, it can be set similarly to an idle mixture screw on a carburetor. (Similar to Pilot J&T)

    Main/Top End: The main fuel adjuster (Red adjustment Screw). Just like changing a main jet in a carburetor, the main fuel adjuster can compensate for modifications such as air filters, race exhaust, cams, etc...(Similar to Needle)

    Crossover: The crossover adjuster (Center adjustment Screw). Gives the ability to select the point of transition between cruise and performance Air/Fuel ratios. This is similar to the effect a needle position change has in a carburetor. (Similar to Main Jet) Techlusion has developed a completely new fuel control box for BMW’s. The new unit developed by Techlusion plugs right in to the stock existing wiring. Completely eliminates surging, easy to tune and simple to install.
    Fit on : Arctic Cat M Series-All, F Series-All, & Mountain EFI-Al    All