Carlisle Ultimax XS Snowmobile Belt

Carlisle Ultimax XS Snowmobile Belt

Price: $129.95

  • Description
  • A new generation
    Today’s high horsepower machines can out perform yesterday’s drive belts. The Ultimax tradition of quality and innovation continues with the new Ultimax XS. It’s the belt you’ve been waiting for to deliver peak performance and dependability never before available.

    Cutting Edge Technology
    Ultimax XS has increased strength and is built with new heat tolerant materials. With a revolutionary new compound, extra strong Aramad cord, and new manufacturing process, Ultimax XS will run cooler, longer and faster. Extensive lab and field testing have proven the Ultimax XS can withstand the punishment that today’s super-sleds dish out.

    Make sure you order the proper belt by consulting the Carlisle Application Chart